Science Practical Ideas

Make a frog jump!

Equipment: coloured paper, scissors, balloon.

How to: cut out frog shapes using the paper; place them on a flat surface; blow up a balloon and rub it on a jumper to create static electricity; hold the balloon over the frogs and watch them jump up.

Taking it further: do different types of paper and cardboard work in the same way? How long does the frog stay stuck for? Does the amount of time you rub the balloon make a difference? Does the size of the frog change how long it sticks for?

Build a sugar cube tower!

Equipment: plate, water, food colouring, sugar cubes, foil, cling film, tissue.

How to: add a few drops of food colouring to some water and pour onto the plate; add a stack of sugar cubes and observe what happens; try adding a small sheet of foil on top of one sugar cube and stack some more on top…does this stop the water reaching the top cubes?

Taking it further: try the same with some cling film, and some paper or tissue. Which work the best? Do brown sugar cubes react in the same way as white sugar cubes?

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