Like something to read…? Try Adeel’s story.

The Quest of the Dirman Dragon


Long ago, in the congested state of Utah lived a dragon hunter named Jack. He was a very sullen person at glance, but he had a heart of gold. Sunken eyes and cracked lips, the first thought that come to any person’s mind was that he was a monster! Jack’s pointy nose and uneven hair (seeming as if he had never had a trip to the barber before) created a distance between him and other people. Despite his vicious looks, the work he had done for the museum was spectacular! Altogether, he had discovered a total of 99 rare species of dragons. He truly was a national treasure. 1 more discovery was going to make the total a magic 100.

Chapter 1: A lovely morning

It was an early, magical spring morning. The birds were chirping as a gentle breeze blew the aroma of lavender and rose in the air. As the morning alarm went off, Jack awoke from his slumber, feeling fresh and recharged. Whilst yawning, he stretched his arms out and plodded towards the bathroom to brush his teeth. “What a lovely breeze there is outside,” he thought to himself, “Best to do some gardening while I still have the chance!” Making sure not to wake up Milo (his pug) he sauntered down the stairs to find that his wife, who’d already headed off to work, had prepared him some breakfast. What a pleasant surprise! Sausages and Eggs! Jack switched on the television and sat down on the sofa to have his delicious breakfast. “Breaking News” said the reporter from the news, “A new species of dragon has been discovered by the Fishlake National Forest called the Dirman dragon. The amount of Dirman dragons in existence is unknown, scientists have only located one. After showing a brief montage of Jack’s best discoveries, the news reporter handed the microphone over to the museum owner Rick. “This is a job for Jack, the state’s most renowned dragon hunter. We pray that he will accept our offer for him to find the dragon.” Jack pondered. If I find the Dirman dragon, I will’ve found 100 dragons!

Chapter 2: The Hunter is on the hunt 

After finishing his breakfast, Jack went to his room to change into his adventure clothes. Reaching into his closet, he pulled out his trusty utility belt. Intricately placed on it was, a 2 way radio, a compass, a map of Utah, a grappling hook, a rope and a camera to take selfies with the dragons he had found (who doesn’t like to take selfies with dragons?) Making sure that his pug would be safe home alone, Jack poured some dog food into Milo’s bowl- it was sure to last him two days just in case- and sealed tight all of the cupboard doors. Trying to be time efficient, Jack slid down the handrail, opened his front door and exited, making sure to lock it on the way out. He jumped into his Mustang and raced towards the Forest. A couple of hours and refuels later, he arrived at his destination. Now, all that was left to do was to FIND the dragon. Jack had a clear picture of it’s miniature appearance. It had bronze scales that glinted in the sunlight. Black hypnotic eyes that were sure to make you mesmerised. Dark green, pointy wings that when looked at, make it look superior. The long grey spikes on it’s head felt like thorns, so prickly and it’s long neck made the Dirman’s head loom over it’s body. It’s tail was miniscule but mighty, if it wrapped around your finger, it was sure to snap a bone.

Chapter 3: My friend is a dragon

It was buzzing with nature. Everywhere he looked, there were plants sprouting with flowers. The sound of water gushing was like a sweet lullaby, sure to make you fall asleep. Droplets of water were being absorbed into the thirsty ground, as if a few hours ago there had been rainfall. Jack felt as if he were in heaven. Out of the blue, he spotted a plume of smoke rise into the air. It was the dragon! He rushed towards the arising cloud of grey like his life depended on it. There, tucked besides a rock with some moss, was the Dirman dragon. It was the cutest thing a person could ever see. It was like a pocket pet that you’d always wanted. “Hello little guy,” he whispered. The dragon’s eyes slowly opened, as it moved his head towards Jack’s fingers. The dragon let out a small cloud of smoke, as if showing comfort and affection. “I’m going to call you Herbie,” Jack murmured. They had a sort of connection. He didn’t want to hand over Herbie to the museum. Jack gestured for Herbie to sit in his palm, and he did so. “You’re coming home with me!” exclaimed Jack. The dragon flapped his wings with happiness. They had just began an everlasting friendship…

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