Knife crime workshop

Today we had a visitor come in to share information about knife crime.

We learnt about making the right choice, what influences us, what peer pressure is and the consequences of knife crime.

Did you know you have to be 18 to carry a knife legally?

Did you know it is illegal to carry a knife without good reason?

Did you know if you get caught carrying a knife but haven’t used it you will still get arrested?

Did you know you cannot buy a knife under the age of 18?

Did you know the maximum sentence you could get for using a knife in public for self defence is life imprisonment?


  1. I am pleased this session was useful – get preparation and knowledge to have for the next few years as you all become more independent.


  2. This knife crime assembly was very useful as we learnt lots about what knife crime is.We gained lots of knowledge on what the restrictions are on owning a knife and many other helpful facts about the topic.👍


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